Saturday, August 9, 2014

happy 5th birthday vapour

In what seemed like a lifelong search for the best and cleanest makeup, a connection was made in the Spring of 2011. Happily, sarimotley cosmetics found a beauty brand that walked the walk and talked the talk: Vapour Organic Beauty.

Vapour produces color cosmetics made from food-grade ingredients sustainably and honestly. With its unparalleled purity, Vapour Organic Beauty is about to celebrate five years of bringing the world a better, cleaner makeup made with organic ingredients. This brand is as much about being naturally gorgeous as it is about being green. I am delighted to celebrate bringing Vapour to you, to Houston, to a community of people who love the way it feels on their skin and how gorgeous they look when they wear it.

Happy Birthday Vapour!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

the future of awesome

Over the last few years popular beauty brands have begun to evolve, with many making the shift to cleaner, greener products. Excitingly, what was once unthinkable is now commonplace.

Almost every major brand now offers products made with "natural" ingredients, has a “beauty oil” and might even be paraben-free or organic. Why? Because natural products are awesome, they feel good and work just as well as their mainstream counterparts made with benzones, color additives, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (what?), etc. The adaptation of conventional cosmetics into something cleaner, greener and healthier is not just a fad or for people who eat granola; it’s for everyone!

About ten years ago, sarimotley cosmetics launched a “pretty” pursuit to share clean, healthy, beautiful skincare and cosmetics. Most of our products were made from simple ingredients, many right from the kitchen. The collection included facial oils, castile-based cleansers and simple essential oil mists and tonics. Then cleaner color cosmetics emerged and were added to the collection.

As the beauty industry evolves, sarimotley cosmetics also evolves. You will see many products prevail and a few fizzle out. Rest assured knowing that if one of your favorite products is no longer available, something equally (if not more) amazing is right around the corner.

Some of our beauty brands available at and studio:

A body care system designed around the four core pieces of true skincare: exfoliation, protection, regeneration and targeted treatments. Products are formulated using scientifically advanced ingredients infused with holistically nourishing goodness.

A trendsetting, luxe glass water bottle that will change the way you drink your water forever.

Coola Organic Suncare
Suncare actives (like zinc and titanium dioxide) in an organic ultra-moisturizing base, making spf super-nourishing and easier than ever.

One Love Organics
A natural, ethical and environmentally driven skin care company created by skilled cosmetic artisans, and handcrafted on St. Simons Island, a small barrier island off the coast of Georgia.

Vapour Organic Beauty
Where luxury performance cosmetics meets pure organic formulation.

Preserve Skincare
The perfect face cleansing pads developed by two experienced estheticians looking for an easy, effective way to get people to wash their faces and take care of their skin.

SariMotley Pressed Minerals 
Pressed mineral eye shadow, blush, powder and fun color.

Senna Cosmetics (select products)
Natural, wearable and innovative mineral and high-definition makeup and colors for everyone.

For information about sarimotley cosmetics and our beauty brands, please feel welcome to reach out and say hello. If you do not see your favorite product(s) on the website, do not hesitate to ask ( 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

welcome one love organics

This post was intended for February (2014) and "celebrating love." It seemed to slip by getting posted here...

A warm welcome to One Love Organics. One Love Organics is a natural, ethical and environmentally driven skincare company created by skilled cosmetics artisans, and a perfect fit to pair with sarimotley cosmetics favorites. Their products are handcrafted on St. Simmons Island, a small barrier island off the coast of Georgia. Isn't that beautiful?

We are loving the brand for so many reasons, here are a few:
  • One Love Organics embraces the simplicity and the knowledge that you can achieve more with less. 
  • One Love Organics uses only the highest quality, most effective ingredients that directly benefit your skin.
  • One Love Organics believes in the power of the beauty ritual to renew, relax and transform.
  • One Love Organics beautiful philosphy: “... a simpler approach to beauty: a sensitive yet effective alternative to all those ubiquitous bottles and the mysterious stuff they contain. Our plant based formulas are designed to nourish and balance all skin types—so they’re perfect for everyone. Because beauty isn’t in the bottle. It’s in the heart."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

beauty bottle

Water is the magical liquid that plumps skin, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts blah skin. So when you find yourself searching for this perfect beauty elixir, you now have the perfect receptacle from which to drink. 

Meet bkr (pronounced "beaker"), the perfect, most gorgeous way to stay hydrated and keep skin glowing and beautiful. Designed to make a statement against a disposable world and the chemicals we ingest via plastic bottles, bkr is an unfolding of loveliness from dirty plastic to clean, bubbly glass and soft silicone. 

Inspired by fashion, coolness, pretty things, tranquillity and the belief that you adore simple things that make life feel a little more beautiful and effortless; bkr
  • is designed to hold the same amount of water as your typical plastic water bottle (500 ml/16 oz)
  • has a similar mouth opening so you don't spill on yourself
  • components are BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • is dishwasher safe
  • is lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry
  • is made from glass, the ultimate green and clean material
  • silicone sleeve is non-toxic, protects the glass, feels good in your hands and is clean, modern, minimal and cool. silicone is 100% recyclable
  • each bkr collection is inspired by colors you love
  • encourages you to drink more water
  • means you drink better water
  • gives back; a portion of all proceeds are donated to initiatives that combat the global water crisis

 Your best-loved bkr bottle is available at sarimotley cosmetics' studio

Monday, May 12, 2014

relaxed routine

When it’s hot and sticky outside, the last thing you want is to feel the weight of heavy products on your skin.

First thing, convert to something that feels like skin, yet still gives you the coverage you desire. Prep skin with products that do double duty, like tinted moisturizers with SPF (Coola Mineral Matte Tint with SPF 30 or Coola Mineral Rose Tint, SPF 20–both provide moisture, antioxidants, sun protection and a little sheer tint).

Also, using a primer will help even skin tone and texture without adding color (Stratus Instant Skin Perfector from Vapour Organic Beauty).
Find multi-taking products for adding color. This makes summer makeup extra-easy (Vapour’s Aura Multi-use Blush stick for cheeks, eyes and lips– favorite color picks for summer: crush, spark, courtesan and foxy).
Give eyes a sheer wash of color with fun in the sun shades that bloom, inspire, bronze and twinkle. Add a little mascara and have fun!

To find your relaxed routine and simple summer look, make an appointment to visit the studio (call 713-292-6711 or email

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

summer color is blooming

The go-to color for summer 2014 is a combo of purple, fuchsia and pink that draws you in with beguiling charm; it’s called radiant orchid. If you have not seen this hue yet, you will soon. It has a magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination (

For starters, color is fun! It says “confidence” and offers a little something that makes you feel good.  You’ll find this color and shade variations for eyes, cheeks and lips popping up everywhere.

Pair your favorite variation of radiant orchid with yellow, gold, green, blue or pink. Add neutral tones to soften and make bright hues feel more wearable, or don’t, be bold.

happy summer!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

way more than lotion

When BijaBody’s Daily Body Serum made its way to sarimotley cosmetics, “decadent” was the first word that came to mind. Days later, that word was “impressive”! This esthetician created collection is truly the first of its kind: a skincare system for your body. Yes, your body. You have rituals for your pretty face, now you can enjoy one for your beautiful body. The four-product collection follows simple concepts of exfoliation, protection, regeneration and targeted treatment that takes your skin to a whole new level of being cared for.

bijabody daily body scrub

Daily Body Scrub - exfoliate
Exfoliation cleanses, smoothes and prepares your skin for other products. The Daily Body Scrub fuses a nourishing body wash with a brightening scrub for a silkiness like no other. Organic honey and botanical oils of rose, rice and carrot are blended with perfectly milled grape seeds and corn cob meal. Regular use will gently smooth skin and leave your body glowing.

bijibody daily body serum
Daily Body Serum - protect
Protecting your skin from environmental aggressors is essential, and now providing a veil of potent antioxidants and vitamins is a piece of cake with BijaBody’s Daily Body Serum. Tea extracts, lycopene and the BijaBody signature HoneyOil base will leave your skin immediately glowing, deeply nourished and delightfully scented.

anti-aging body treatment
Anti-Aging Body Treatment - regenerate
Your body will drink in and enjoy the skin-regenerating ingredients found in BijaBody’s Anti-Aging Body Treatment. This luxurious lotion improves texture, tone and skin’s resiliency. Slow down premature aging, decrease roughness and reduce wrinkling. Everyone enjoys a lotion, but this is so much more.

bedside manner anti-aging hand and lip treatment

Bedside Manner - target
Reduce and prevent fine lines from lips, lip area, hands and anywhere else targeted anti-aging is desired. A rich, luscious organic honey and botanical oil base is infused with correct concentrations of the most researched and proven anti-aging ingredients available. “Our hands and lips are crucial for our communication with the world, but they also get the most wear and tear,” says BijaBody founder, Melissa Picoli. Bedside Manner Anti-Aging Lip + Hand Treatment is specially formulated for skin that needs extra attention.

To experience the BijaBody collection make and appointment to visit the studio (call 713-292-6711 or email Spend some time to take care of your whole self, not just your pretty face.
bijabody health and beauty